Underlay Stitches and its Importance

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Underlay Stitches and its Importance
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2016, 04:43:09 PM »

Underlay stitches are the stitches that are sewn into fabric before the actual top stitching are sewn. It is known as underlay because these stitches are made under the original stitches. First these stitches are made all over the designs and then original stitches are made over the same. Underlay stitching helps stabilize fabric and reduces distortion due to the pull effect.

      Importance of Underlay Stitches:

a)      Most important benefit of the underlay stitches is it prevent the fabric for shrinking and puckering of the fabrics
b)      It reduce the density of the top stitches over the fabric

Besides above two important benefits, underlay stitches is also used for hiding the color of the fabrics.

Types of underlay Stitches;

Zig Zag Underlay
Zigzag and Double Zigzag underlay stitching are used to support wide columns. One can combine Zigzag or Double Zigzag with Center Run or Edge Run underlays. These underlays are best used under Satin cover stitching.

Center Underlay
Center Run places a row of stitches along the center of a column. It is used to stabilize narrow columns (e.g. 2-3 mm wide).

Edge Underlay
Edge Run places stitches around the edge of an object. Use Edge Run together with the Zigzag or Tatami underlays when digitizing large shapes. This is generally used for the letter and alphabets

Tatami Underlay
Tatami underlay is used to stabilize large, filled shapes. It resembles an extremely open Tatami fill stitch, where rows of stitches are placed across the object to create the underlay. Tatami underlay is often used together with Edge Run, especially for Complex Fill objects under Tatami cover stitching.

So it is clear now that
  • ZigZag Underlay Stitches is used for the designs having wide column
  • Center Underlay Stitches is used for the designs with narrow column
  • Edge Underlay Stitches is used for the Letter and Alphabets designs
  • Tatami Underlay Stitches us used for the large and filled shapes
Please Note: These Underlay Stitches can be applied automatically and manually both.

In below embed video you will find the all above underlay used. Please go through the video to know what are this different kinds of under lay stitches.

[smg id=255 type=av]
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Underlay Stitches and its Importance
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2016, 04:43:09 PM »