Motif Embroidery Designs

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Motif Embroidery Designs
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2015, 12:26:39 AM »
Hello all

Motif is decorative fill stitch which repeat the same motifs in parallel row to fill the particular shapes. It mean it repeat the same motif repeatedly to fill the objects.

"Motif are pre defined designs elements like hearts,square,leaves etc."

Please Note: In many embroidery digitizing software, pre made motif are available. You just have to simply use the motif to fill the object.

With motif you can use the same designs in various different manner. Just simply changing the motif will change the entire design. Further, you can use the 3D wrap with motif fills to create a interesting three dimensional effects.

For example: In following free designs we have used three different motif to create a beautiful motif filled heart designs. It just take a second to change the motif and with in a second you will create a entire new design.
Motif Embroidery Designs

To download the above designs visit the below link

In short, it is pre defined elements that are already defined in the system and can be used easily to filled the object with in the second. It will filled the object with the desired objects.

For more details check out the below video tutorial.
[smg id=248 type=av]

Please Note: We have used the Wilcom embroidery digitizing software in above tutorial. Different software may have differents way of using the motif but overall the basis logic will remain the same.

If you are using another embroidery software and not able to find the way out to use the motif then feel free to contact us by leaving a reply to this post.
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Motif Embroidery Designs
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