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Posted by EmbroideryShristi
 - April 08, 2021, 02:11:36 am
Here is the video tutorial on the same

Part 1

Part 2

Posted by EmbroideryShristi
 - December 18, 2013, 11:25:39 pm
This is how it is tied on the either side of the washing tub and then it is cutted with the help of cutter and tied together to hold it good.

Posted by EmbroideryShristi
 - December 18, 2013, 10:24:09 pm
Hello Friends:

We always have some wasted clothes left after making sweing our clothes. Here in following example we will show you how to make a door mats using a wasted clothes.


  • Only one material is required. A long piece of clothes. If you do not have that long or such strip of clothes then cut the clothes in different strip using your cutter.Following is the wasted clothes we have used.

  • A washing tub or something similar to it.


1. Take a wasted clothes and cut it in to long strip of clothes as shown in above image.
2.Now ,Take a washing tub or similar to it.
3. Tie a piece of old wasted clothes on one side of the tub.

4. Once you tie it on one side of the washing tub, then tie a another piece of clothes on other side of the washing tube, as shown in below image.
In above example you can see that we have use a green color clothes to tie on other side of the washing tub.

Door Mats part 1

5. Now we will tie a piece of clothes one by one as shown below.

Points to be remembered:

  • In second steps, do not tie them all at a time.

  • This time we will take a one at a time. First we tie a only one strip of clothe and then move toward next steps.

  • Of course, 'YOU CAN TIE IT ON ANY SIDE', if you have tied a clothes on vertical side in first step then tie it horizontally in second steps or vice versa. (To show you how we have even taken an images after changing the side of the washing tub as shown in below images)

6. Once you tied a piece of clothe on another side, now take a another strip of clothes and place it as shown in image.

7. Now keep moving the cloth from one another to the end of the tub.In following video you will find the way to move it.

Door Mats

8. Once you finished it, take another strip of clothes and repeat the steps 4 & 5 again. To make it more attractive, repeat the same color of clothes for three to four times.

9. Once you will finished it, it will look like this.

Please note that in above image unlike the first
project we have change the side of the washing tub

10. Cut it from either side and tie the two ends of the clothes tightly to hold it together.
11. Finally it will look like this:


An example how it will look when you will use a small piece of clothes and tie it together to make long piece of clothe.


  • Tie it as tight as possible to hold it good

  • Tie it one either side of the washing tub as you like it

  • In first steps tie all the clothes first, but in second steps move one by one.

  • If possible then use a long strip of clothes or else tie a small strip of clothes to make it long

  • In second steps repeat the step with same colour of clothes for 3 to 4 times and then take a another color