How to Change the Stitches angle using reshape tools

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How to Change the Stitches angle using reshape tools
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2013, 10:50:38 PM »
Hello Friends

While Digitizing the Embroidery Designs many a times we have to select the proper stitches angle to show a proper effect of the designs.The 'Stitches angle' provide a realistic look to your designs.The importance of Stitches angle can't be ignored and Yes of course, it is as easy as its name.You can easily change the stitches angle to any side by a simple tools know as reshape tools.

IN this tutorial we will show how to change stitches angle using reshape tools and along with this function we will also show the function of other tools including fusion fills,complex fills,converting complex to fusion and many more tools.This tools is created in a Wilcom ES 95 Software and for understanding the function easily and properly we have decided to digitize a triangle for the same.

In the following tutorial we will show step by step how to create a designs with different stitches angle with image.

1) Click on Complex fills (Second row third tools denoted by simple 'C')  tools and draw a three line on the points of grid and draw a triangle.

Once you draw a triangle, click 'Enter' and then stitches will be generated with in the triangle.Now, since it is a stain stitches we will right click on the triangle and change the stitches type to 'Tamai'.

2) Now, since we have used 'Complex fills' tools for digitizing,we will convert it in to 'fusion fills' by right click on the designs and select the 'Converting' options.

3) Now, click on the 'Re-Shapes Tool' (Third on the first column given in above image) and designs will look like this as shown below:

Above image indicate the stitches in horizontal line.Now click on the icon shown in the below image.You will find this tools at the top of the software.This will help you to see the moving of machine, showing how stitches is moving in horizontal direction.

Once you click on the above tools, Press Home on your keyboard, this bring you to the starting point of the machine and then press the forward key of your keyboard and machine will start moving in horizontal way showing the stitches are in 'Horizontal' designed.

Now for understanding purpose we will change this horizontal stitches to Diagonal stitches using the same process as shown above (of course, eliminating the first step)

4) Click on the designs and then click on the reshape tools, given the toolbar in the third position of the first column.After clicking on the tools change the horizontal direction of the stitches angle to diagonal.Once you change the direction of the stitches, it will show the designs shown in below image.

Note: Please note that to change the stitches direction the both end of the stitches must cross the designs.If the line indicating the stitches   cross the designs then it will not change the stitches and once you release the mouse it will back to the original position.

5) Now repeat the step given above and press home key on the keyboard to back to the starting point of the machine. Then you using forward key move the machine forward.You will find the change the way stitching.Now the machine will move in diagonal way as shown below;

The above two ways show you how to change the stitches angle.Similarly you can change the stitches angle to any direction provided the both end should be outside the designs covering the designs or the stitches angle should cross the whole designs.If you still facing any problem then you can watch your video tutorial for the same.You can also leave a reply over here with your problem we will help you out with your query.

How to Change the Stitches angle using reshape tools
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How to Change the Stitches angle using reshape tools
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2013, 10:50:38 PM »