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Posted by kkmixs
 - July 22, 2012, 06:40:09 pm
Hello admin,July 22, 2012, 6:40 pm

Thank you very much

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Do not forget to download the daily freebies at the website.

Embroideryshristi website is not responsible for any of the designs uploaded on this forum under "Designs by shrist members" because they are freebie or uploaded by the memebers.
Posted by EmbroideryShristi
 - July 22, 2012, 06:40:09 pm

Digitized embroidery design files can be either purchased or created. A person who creates a design is known as an "embroidery digitizer" or "puncher". The digitizer, or puncher, uses special digitizing software to create their embroidery design. The digitizer creates the design in the native file format for the digitizing software (.EMB for example). These are 'Object Based' design and allow the digitizer to easily reshape and edit the design later.

The native file formats retain important information such as:
    Object outlines
    Thread colors
    Original artwork used to punch the designs

As a digitizer it is critical to maintain and keep the original digitized design file. Converting the design to a stitch file such as DST, PES and DSB will lose many of the valuable information, and make editing and changing the design very difficult or impossible.

Thus, professional Designer digitized the embroidery designs in the EMB format. EMB is the native (Digitizing) file format of Wilcom. The advantage of the EMB file is that it has vector as well as just stitch information. This means that editing is much more powerful and accurate. The EMB file also carries other important data like thread chart Colours andnotes etc. It contains information for embroidery software that is/was produced by Wilcom, and contains as well bitmaps and vector information. The main part of file contains the properties for embroidery objects, as well the kind of stitches used for sew the current object. If lettering was used for the design, the .EMB file also contains the embroidery font information embedded. Also, describes the machine kind and special functions used by the designs such borers, maximum length and other information.

This file is proprietary and can't be readed by other embroidery software or any embroidery machine.So we have to convert the embroidery designs in other format(s).The only so9ftware that you can use to convert these designs are Wilcom truesizer or wilcom itself.

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