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Others / convert emrodiery using embird
May 06, 2012, 10:56:59 am

Converting Designs

1 - Run Embird.
2 - Select the designs which you want to convert in the "Files:" box at the right side of the screen (Picture No. 1). To select the designs, please move mouse pointer to the file name of the first design ("DACHSHND.DST" in this example), depress the left mouse button and hold it down while moving the mouse pointer over the file names of the other designs. When the mouse pointer is over the last design ("SNAIL.DST" in this example), please release the left mouse button.

Picture No. 1

3 - Select "Right Panel -> Convert Files" menu to convert the selected files (Picture No. 2).

Picture No. 2

4 - A dialog box will appear on the screen, allowing you to choose the target design format (Picture No. 3). Specify the format by clicking on appropriate radio button (e.g. Viking Husqvarna .HUS) and click "OK" button to continue with file conversion.

Picture No. 3

The conversion process will start and last for a while. Once it is finished, the converted files will be stored in the same folder, as the source files - see the list in "Files:" box at the right side of the screen, it contains the new .HUS files (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

Did you know that DensityWorks by Designer's Gallery has a Project Advisor built right into the program? Did you also know that Studio III has the same Project Advisor built into it? What does the Project Advisor do you say? Well, you choose the type of fabric you're going to embroider and then it will give recommendations as to which stabilizer to use, what needle type and size to use, the best thread Lose Weight Exercise to use, and even some hooping tips. To access the Project Advisor, simply click on the Project Advisor icon as shown in the DensityWorks screen shot above (Studio III's Project Advisor icon looks the same on its main page) and make your selections as to what fabric type you'll be using for your project. The program will then make recommendations for you as to what you need to use for your supplies. Enjoy! =)
Others / Embroidery Software
May 06, 2012, 10:51:43 am

A very good software for the embroidery design used  is wilcom.It is very useful for the Tajima embroidery designs.the offical website of the wilcom embroidery software is

Coffee Corner / Embroidery Market
May 06, 2012, 10:49:54 am
Embroidery work is often regarded as the best form of art which is highly demanded by men and women. Embroidery work is perfect for adding beauty to any dull fabric. It is not just limited to apparels but has expanded to home furnishing products also. Embroidered products are manufactured in various parts of the world. Be it Europe, Africa, the American continents or Asia they all have their own range of products for display with intricate embroidery patterns.

The rich heritage and culture of the place automatically gets reflected in their work. Indian embroidered products have a massive demand at the international level. Indian embroidery projects a picture of a variety of Indian customs and cultures. Zardozi, kantha, mirror and chikankari embroidery are all popular and considered best for enhancing the beauty of any fabric. Embroidery work has been highly acclaimed globally which has boosted up the embroidery market condition.
Others / sequines embroidery designs Tutorial
May 06, 2012, 10:41:08 am
Hello friends,
Here, you may find tutorial fore sequines embroidery designs

Tutorial for sequines embroidery designs

hard way (by hand like this skillful lady!)
Others / Open .ngs Files
May 06, 2012, 10:39:19 am
Hello Friends,

You can used this free program  software to open ngs files.

Others / Re: Designs Conversion software
May 06, 2012, 10:38:30 am
Some more embroidery converter software

wilcom(convert almost every embroidery designs in any format besides digitizing the embroidery designs)

Bernina ArtLink 6
Others / Designs Conversion software
May 06, 2012, 10:37:22 am
Do you want to change the embroidery designs??

Here is the link for the software that you can use to convert the embroidery designs

Wilcom TrueSizer e2

Instructions to convert with TrueSizer (Opens and converts to EXP, DST, EMB, TAP, TOYOTA, BARUDAN, JEF, SEW, HUS, PES, PEC, PCS, PCD, CSD, XXX)

1. open Wilcom TrueSizer

2. click on the open folder icon... upper left corner of the screen below the "W"

3. on the window that opens, first you have the usual LOOK IN blank field with the little arrow
that is where you go search for the folder in which the design is then the big white space below
is the design files that should appear there. If none of your files shows at this time, underneath
you have FILE NAME and FILE TYPE, click on the arrow of FILY TYPE and select ALL FILES and
all the design files in that folder will show.

4. select the design to be converted by clicking on it once and then click OPEN

5. now with the design open, click on FILE, upper left corner of screen

6. click SAVE AS

7. on the opening window, click on FILE TYPE and select the desired format and then click SAVE

Tajima Ambassador
Click on the kind of blue icon that says: TajimaAmbassador

Instructions to convert with Ambassador:

1. Open Tajima Ambassador

2. Click on FILE... upper left corner of the screen

3. Click on OPEN

4. On the window that opens, first you have the usual LOOK IN blank field with the little arrow,
that is where you go search for the folder in which the design is. The big white space that
next is where the design files should be listed. If nothing shows at this time, underneatch
you have FILE NAME and FILE TYPE, click on the arrow of FILE TYPE,
scroll down and select ALL DESIGN FILES and all the design files will show.

5. Select the design to be converted by clicking on it once and click OPEN

6. A window might appear telling you that this design can't be resized, check the DON'T SHOW THIS
AGAIN as we already know that this software will only convert for us at this point.

7. Now with the design open, click on FILE, upper left corner of screen.

8. Click SAVE AS.

9. On the opening window, click on FILE TYPE and select the desired machine format and click SAVE.
Others / Veiw and organize designs
May 06, 2012, 10:36:38 am
Announcement Page / EmbroideryShristi
May 06, 2012, 10:35:16 am
Hello Friends

Whether you are a commercial or home machine embroiderer, EmbroideryShristi.com is determined to be the only resource you need for excellent quality commercial or home embroidery designs and products. Our list of designers is continuously growing to provide you with a wide range of choices at great values.

Recognizing that your time is precious, we have designed this site to help you quickly find what you need so that you can spend more time doing what you like to do. Use our state-of-the-art tools to search through thousands of beautiful commercial or home machine embroidery designs from many different designers and immediately download the ones you want to your computer. At EmbroideryShristi.com we believe that a streamlined customer search feature is essential to helping you be as productive as you want to be, and with a collection of tens of thousands of commercial and home machine embroidery designs, we've worked hard to ensure that our advanced search feature is fast, concise, and efficient.

Our mission is to provide embroiderers a way to shop for great values from the convenience of their computers in a safe and secure online environment, and then to deliver their orders as quickly as possible. Please know that your feedback and ideas are important to us, and by using our suggestion form to give us your comments we feel confident that we can make your experience even better. From all of us at EmbroideryShristi.com, thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
Announcement Page / Dress Suggestions
May 06, 2012, 10:33:27 am
Hello Friends,

Friends, we are planning to launch embroidery dress in a bulk of minimum 100 and maximum 1000 dress, but still dnt know what to do??

please share your suggestion with us such that we can decide it as soon as possible..
friends, what your suggestions???
New Designs Arrival / New Premium Category
May 06, 2012, 10:32:25 am
Hello Friends,

Here we are back with the  Premium category designs.Check the designs ranging from 25 to 30 US Dollar.All the designs are of prenimum category.

here is the link to the Premium category "Full dress Embroidery Designs"
Announcement Page / soical networking
May 06, 2012, 10:29:04 am
Embroidery shristi is now on social networking site too


Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Embroidery-Shristi/122369561180648
Facebook groups;https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/embroideryshristi/
Announcement Page / Large and small hoops Designs
May 06, 2012, 10:28:03 am
Hello Friends,

Initially we are just providing a designs for a large hoops, but on request of the memebers we are now providing designs for smaller hoops too.

we are adding new embroidery designs for smaller hoops.you may found the small embroidery designs at below link


Valentine Special Alphabets pack

Now valentine special alphabets pack from A to z is available at embroideryshristi at 10 dollar...the offer is valid till valentine day...hurray


have a nice day