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Surprise Freebie Today (for next 24 hours)
Download this freebie embroidery design of #Split #Neckline from #EmbroideryShristi at below link

Coffee Corner / Daily Check In Post
August 12, 2019, 04:00:07 pm
Hello Friends

Good Morning to Shristi Members/Users and Welcome to Daily Check-In Post.

From today onwards, we will daily create a post daily on this forum and all you need to do is visit check in this post daily to show your love.

In return, it will help us to grow our ad revenue and thereby we will provide more free designs to all.


  • Bakari Id in India

  • Defense Forces Day in Zimbabwe

  • Queen's Birthday in Thailand

  • Montserrat Annual Pilgrimage in Montserrat

Our warm wishes are there with our all users residing in these countries.

On this Day In History

  • American inventor Isaac Singer patents the sewing machine in 1857

  • In 1981, IBM launched its first personal computer in the store for the first time

  • Henry Ford Company build first T Model Car in 1908

Please find attached the new freebie designs called Butta Embroidery Design. This designs butta is made for 4x4 hoop size. For more details please refer the attached pdf file.
Good Evening Everyone.

Hereby attaching one free design called 'A Very Big Large Floral Embroidery Design' from #EmbroideryShristi Forum at below link. The attached file includes all well-known formats.

For detailed information about the design, you can download the attached PDF file.
Good Evening Everyone.

We are back with a new alpha called 'Line Art' at #EmbroideryShristi. You will find the all alphas at below-given link


Feel free to reply to this email for any request of special character or if you face any problem with the design.

Hereby, we are also attaching how all alphabets look like in the given set. This will help you to make your decision well.
One of the biggest problem we faced while purchasing the Embroidery Designs is 'Size' issues. You can't increase or decrease the size of the designs once digitized.

Hence, your embroidery designs will be of no use if you have purchased the wrong size. But, this problem can be resolved, if you purchase the designs from 'EmbroideryShristi'.Barring, your hoops size limitation, you can use our same embroidery designs for different sizes.

Next, if you face any problem with our embroidery files (for example, our Embroidery Fonts or Alpha are of different sizes and you want them converted into standard size) then this can be done easily with our embroidery designs.

Yes, our embroidery designs can be easily resized at your end using free Wilcom Truesizer Digitizing Software.

Let us understand this with an example.

It's a known fact, all the alphabets letter can't be of the same size. Next, few letters like W, M, and H will require wider than the letters like I,J and L.

A digitizer needs to take care of these points while digitizing any Embroidery Fonts or Alphabets.

But, what if, he or she forgot to consider this point. In this case, all the letters will be of different sizes and they will not talk with each other when combined together.

In this case, what will be the best solution? How to resize the embroidery fonts to get them fits properly in a word?

To get the solution please read below.

This problem can be resolved by purchasing the fonts from 'EmbroideryShristi'. Designs purchased from EmbroideryShristi can be easily modified and resized.

I know many of you may wonder that

  • Embroidery Designs can be resized using paid software only.

  • Resized files will not work properly.

If you are thinking about the same things, then we have good news for you.

Yes, you will not face this problem with our designs. Why? Please read below.

  • You can resize our embroidery files using FREE WILCOM TRUESIZER software. To know how, please refer to this article 'How to Resize Embroidery Designs Using Wilcom Truesizer?'

  • Our designs are digitized in native EMB format. Hence, if you increase or decrease the file size then apparently it will also increase or decrease the stitches density. Hence, the resize designs will work properly on your machine.

So, now, you don't need to worry while purchasing the embroidery fonts. In our case, if any of the letters are found defective (in the sense of size) then you can easily resize it using truesizer at your end.

The same logic will also apply to other types of embroidery designs. You can also resize the other embroidery files using free wilcom truesizer.

P.S: Paid Software only required when you want to modify (change or split the designs). For resizing embroidery files, the free truesizer is enough.

At last, if you want any help in resizing the embroidery designs then let us know. We will resize the embroidery files for you.
Hello Friends

On this happy and colorful festival of colors 'Holi', wishing your happy holi to all shristi members.

Please do not forget to download the new freebie designs added to our store at embroideryshristi freebie/special price off category.

EmbroideryShristi Team
Days are gone when Embroidery Designs are made using hands. Now, in the 21st century, this work is done through Embroidery Machine and hence they are known as Machine Embroidery Designs. As the name suggests, in this technique, the embroidery machine is used instead of basis Hand Embroidery Designs.

For doing machine embroidery, you will need two things. First, an Embroidery Machine and Second, an Embroidery Digitizing Software.

Embroidery Machine is available at a price starting from 300$ to 2000$ whereas the Digitizing Software is available at a price starting from 0$ to 200$. Of course, an Embroidery Machine or Digitizing Software with a higher price will include more features compared to other. Next, these Embroidery Designs Files are available in virtual or digital formats like  PES, JEF, XXX, EMB, DST, ART, PES, PEC, KSM etc. To digitize these embroidery formats, you will need embroidery digitizing software to digitize it. If you don't own this kind of software then you can also take the help of embroidery digitizing service companies or online best embroidery designs websites.

Of Course, they will charge you for the Embroidery Designs Digitizing Service.

Here, it is also important to note that there are no standard Embroidery Prices. Different Embroidery Designs Website will charge a different price for the same kind of designs. Hence, it becomes very difficult to find high-quality embroidery designs at the best price. You will get confused while purchasing online embroidery designs.

But don't worry. To solve this problem now EmbroideryShristi is at your doorstep. At EmbroideryShristi you will find all types of embroidery designs at one store. At this website, you will find commercial embroidery as well as home embroidery designs.

There are many reasons for purchasing designs from EmbroideryShristi. Few of them are listed below

Low Price
Native EMB format
Can be edited or resized to any size and formats.
Commercial Embroidery and Home Embroidery Designs in one place.
Lots of Variety in Embroidery Designs.
Multi-Hoop size starting from 2 by 2 to 52 inches.
Best Quality Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Design from EmbroideryShristi
Free Machine Embroidery Designs
Now, no need to buy embroidery designs online, our free machine embroidery samples are enough for your needs.

At EmbroideryShristi, more than 18 pages are available for download with free digital embroidery designs. You can download these embroidery files instantly without any registration and login. All you need to do is click on 'Free Download' embroidery design option. Next, we also provide daily one free embroidery designs available for the next 24 hours. Hence, visit our website daily to download free embroidery designs daily.

Commercial Embroidery Designs
Are you looking for an ultra large commercial machine designs? At EmbroideryShristi, we also sales machine embroidery designs from commercial use. These designs are very large in size say 60 Inches. Actually, these designs are specially made for Embroidery Dresses. Next, We have a special category for Neckline, Full Embroidery Dress and All Over designs.

Home Embroidery Designs
You do not own a commercial computerized embroidery machine? No Problem, we also have a separate category for the home embroidery machine. We have created a category called 'Small Embroidery Designs' for our home-based machine holder. Within this category, we further created subcategories for different types of embroidery designs like Embroidery Alphabet, Embroidery Flower, Logo Embroidery, Black Work Embroidery, Embroidery Outline etc.

Hence, there is no such design which is not available on our website. Starting from very small designs to ultra large designs, you will find all kinds of designs at EmbroideryShristi. Next, if you did not find any particular design on our website then please let us know the same. Designs suggestion are most welcome at our store. You can post y our suggestion at our Embroidery Forum or else contact us directly through contact us page.
Don't know how to rotate embroidery design in Free Wilcom TrueSizer? Don't worry this article will help you. Here, we will tell how to rotate embroidery design by any degree in Wilcom Truesizer.

But before starting with the article, let us first know What is Wilcom TrueSizer? TrueSizer is an embroidery digitizing software by Wilcom. It is available for free. Using this free software you can rotate, sew, slow redraw, resize, convert embroidery designs.

Next, below we will share the step by step tutorial to change rotate the embroidery designs.

1. Open your Embroidery Design
2. Input your number by which you want to rotate your embroidery design. You can input your number in the column shown in the attached image.
3. Press Entre.

That's it. It will rotate the design by your mentioned number. If you rotate the design by 90 degrees then it will appear something like this ( refer attached image)
Hello Friends

If you purchase online embroidery designs then you must read this article before making your next purchase. With 7+ years of online experience in Selling Embroidery Designs, today I am going to share few tips to purchase embroidery designs like a Pro.

After interacting with lots of Embroidery Lovers Online and using tons of embroidery designs available online, I have observed that most of the people don't have the knowledge of purchase embroidery designs. Trust me, When I had downloaded my first embroidery design from online, I was very disappointed. The design was not well-digitized but still, lots of people are appreciating it. They are appreciating it because the output was good.

If you think that it is only output that's a matter that you are wrong. Besides the output, there are many other things also. If you are neglecting these factors while purchasing the design then in long term this will be harmful to you.

So, let's discuss those factors below. If you consider these points then it will help you in the long term for sure.

The density of the Designs

This is the most important factor that you should consider while purchasing the Embroidery Desing from online. This is important because it will decide the Cost of your Project.

A very dense embroidery design will incur more cost than a low dense design. You can make more by simplifying reducing the density by 10%.

So, next time, while purchasing the design, please refer to the density of the design before purchasing it. If it is too dense than do not purchase it.

I know after reading the above paragraph, you were wondering, What difference it will make by reducing the density?

For home embroidery, it may not make any difference but for a commercial business like us, it makes a lot of difference. We embroidered more than 2000 dresses in a day. If we save 1 dollar per dress then it will make a difference of 2000 dollars per day.

Further, we are not doing this for saving 2000 dollars but instead of saving this money we pass on this benefits to our customers and in return today we are selling embroidered dress at the lowest cost in India.

So, I suggest to reduce the density and thereby become cost leader in your area.

Numbers of Jump Stitches/Trims

This is the second most important factors that you should consider while purchasing the design. A design will low numbers of trims is good for you and your machine as well. An Embroidery Design will more number of trims will not increase the chances of the breakdown of the needle but also waste your time.

So, while purchasing the design, make sure it has the lowest number of trims. The embroidery design should not be such that someone has created without proper planning.

Flatten Embroidery Design

In the last 7 years of experience, I have observed that more than 90% of the embroidery designs are without flattening ( without removing stitches). It means if there is two shaped over each other than you need to embroidered both these shapes. This will increase your cost unknowingly because in such case the number of stitches will be higher.

Ideally speaking, if two objects are getting overlapped then it should flatten down. You should remove the stitches for the part which is getting hidden by another object. For example, if you are drawing a circle on a square then you should remove the stitches to the extent it is hidden by the circle. There is no use of this stitches because it is overlapped by the circle.

Over to You
What do you think about this article? Please do not forget to share your feedback with us. Next, if you face any problem in understanding this article, feel free to reply to this post. The reply option is given on the top right side of this post. We will be happy to help you.

EmbroideryShristi Team

Hello Friends

Abstract Free Embroidery Desing for you all. Please find attached Abstract Embroidery Design. Please note, we have not test stitched this design yet.

Embroidery Design Details
Stitches: 3309
Color/Stop: 1/1
Hoop Size: 4xx

For more details, please refer the attached PDF files.
Are you Embroidery Digitizer? Are you looking for a way to know how your digitized design will work? If Yes then this article will give you step by step tutorial to view how your embroidery design will work on Embroidery Machine. In simple words, it will show Slow Redraw function of the Wilcom TrueSizer.

Slowe Redraw is a function which will let you stimulate embroidery design on the screen. In Wilcom Truesizer this function is available by default and this option is available at the top of the screen on Top Menu. In the default setting this the last option available on the top menu.

So, now let us discuss the step by step tutorial to know how to use this Slow Redraw function on Wilcom Truesizer. To see how your embroidery design will work on the machine, please follows the below steps on Wilcom True Sizer Digitizing Software.

  • Open your Embroidery Design Using Wilcom True Sizer

  • Select Slow Redraw Option from the top menu (as shown in below image)

  • Adjust the function as per your requirement.

  • Click the Play button to show how your embroidery design will stimulate or wok on the machine

That's it. The above steps will show you how to stimulate embroidery designs using Slow Redraw function on Wilcom Truesizer. The shortcut key for the Slow Redraw in Wilcom TrueSizere is Shift+R

If the above tutorial is not clear then check out below video tutorial on Slow Redraw function in TrueSizer

Please note this function is available in almost all embroidery digitizing software. The only difference can be in the name of the features. In Wilcom Truesizer it is known by Slow Redraw then in other software, it is known by another name.
Designs by Shristi Memeber / Candle Embroidery Design
September 09, 2018, 10:57:47 am
Please find attached Free Candle Embroidery Design for your Machine Embroidery Project. Please note, Embroidery Shristi does not provide any support for this design. No test stitches did for this design yet.

This design digitized in 4x4 hoop size and available in almost all well known formats. For more details, you can refer the attached pdf file.

Spider is an eight-leg insect generally find in our home. This #embroidery #design is based on #spider Machine Embroidery Project. Please find attached the spider freebie project for the embroidery design.

This design will fit in 4x4 hoop.

Note: EmbroideryShristi will not provide any support for this design and test stitches has not done for this Spider Embroidery Design.
Yes, you heard it correctly. Our Machine Embroidery Design are different from other websites. Unlike others, at EmbroideryShristi, we ensure you have a large variety of embroidery design to choose from and can you the designs in more than one project.

To know more, please read below.

EMB Format
Besides 11 wellknow formats (CSD, DGT, DST, DSZ, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES,ART,PCD,PES and PCQ), we also provides the design in its native format called EMB.

The native file formats retain important information such as Object Outline, Colors, Number of Stitches etc.
To know more about EMB, please read below article

What is EMB Format Embroidery Design?

Design Modification

It is a known fact, once the design is digitized you cannot modify it. But this is not the case with our embroidery design. Our designs can be resize, split and modify easily.

If you think we are lying then check out the below embroidery design. We have splitted this embroidery designs in to seven parts.

This design is available for free on our website, you can download and give a try to it. To download the embroidery design please visit below link.

Large Full Embroidery Dress Split Design

You can check out the video tutorial at below link

A Video Tutorial on Splitting Machine Embroidery Design

Low Cost Embroidery Design
We offer embroidery designs at the lowest price over the internet. If you find any design cheaper than us then please let us know. We will offer the design at your price.

Here it is also important to note that if we are providing embroidery designs at the lowest price then it does not means we are making any compromise with its quality. Our design qaulity will always be superior to others.
Jump Stitches or Trims.

Our Embroidery Designs will have the lowest number of trims or jump stitches. This is because we manually remove the extra trims from the design. The below tutorial will show you how do we remove trims or jump stitches from the design.

Remove Jump Stitches or Tirms

You can check out the video tutorial at below link

Video Tutorial to remove Jump Stitches or Trims

Large and Small Embroidery Designs
Unlike other websites, we deal with both large and small embroidery design as well. At EmbroideryShristi, you will find embroidery designs of 2x2 Inches and 30x30 Inches also.

This will not only provide you large variety of designs to choose from but also enhanced your creativity to use the design.
Check out the below photo. This photo was shared by one of our customer who has a small embroidery machine.She tries to embroider our ultra large design and this is what she got the output.
It is beautiful. Isn't it?

Over to You
This is our first blog on our website. Please do not forget to share your feedback in the below comment box. Further, if you liked any of our large embroidery design and can't use it because of hoop size then please let us know. We will split that embroidery design for you.

So, this is why our embroidery designs are different from other websites. To give a try to our embroidery design please download free sample from below link.

Free Machine Embroidery Designs
Coffee Corner / Happy Rakshabandhan Day 2018
August 03, 2018, 12:28:03 am
Wish you a very Happy Rakshabandhan Day in advance. This time rakhi day is on 26th August 2018.