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Important Announcement

We have decided to go back and re-digitized (edit) all our old #EmbroideryDesigns. This include changing formats, splitting, modifying,Changing Format, Uploading Color Chart (the PDF File) and resizing the old designs to make fit for your embroidery machine.
If you have any suggestions or want to modify any old designs then please do share with us below in comment box or at below link.

This is chance to get any old designs (from your store) as per your requirement and hoop size.
Yesterday, It has been observed that many people are getting 'Fatal Error' while downloading the 'Daily Freebie Machine Embroidery Design' from EmbroideryShristi.

This is to inform you that the problem has been resolved now and you can re-download the design from our store. This time you will not face any problem in downloading the freebie design.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you
Hello Friends

First of all Happy Markarshankranti in advance to all.

Are you a fruits lover and looking for beautiful fruits machine embroidery designs for your project. I suggest check out this categories sharing some beautifully digitized and best fruits embroidery designs for your embroidery machine.

This machine embroidery designs are EmbroideryShristi and available in all well known formats and for small hoop size only say 4x4 or 5x7 hoops.

So, What are we waiting for? Let us check out the top five fruits embroidery designs below.

1.Banana Fruits Embroidery Design

This one is my favourite. This banana machine embroidery design is digitized using color blending option enabled on it. The color blending option has made this fruits realistic design. This design is perfect for your project if you are looking for a realistic embroidery fruit design

2. Realistic Apple Embroidery Design

This is another realistic machine embroidery design of fruits for your embroidery project. I am sure you will like this design.

3. Pear Fruit Embroidery Design

Apple and banana fruit is very simple fruits. You want something new and unique. No problem, check out this pear fruit embroidery designs.

4. Papaya Machine Embroidery Design

You love papaya, No Problem. We also have the papaya embroidery design on our store. This papaya will be the best choice for your fruit embroidery design project

5. Fruits and Vegetables Alphabets

Are you looking for the Fruits and Vegetables alphabets set?, check out these designs.

Fruits and Vegetable Alphabets.PNG

For more such Fruits and Vegetable Machine Embroidery Designs, I suggest please have a look at below link. The below link consists of all embroidery designs of fruits and vegetables at EmbroideryShristi.

Fruits and Vegetables Machine Embroidery Designs

At last, if you still don't find what you are looking for? No problem, create a new post in this category and share your design request with us. We will digitize your requested designs and will let you know soon.
Announcement Page / Do You Know Fact Of EmbroideryShristi
December 16, 2019, 12:50:24 am
Fact No. 1

Do you know?

EmbroideryShristi's designs have the lowest number of trims or jump stitches when compared to designs from other websites or stores.

We take the help of run stitches to connect two different components of the design and thereby reduce the trims or jump stitches from the designs. For more information please refer article on it from below link
Lowest Number of Trims and Jump Stitches in Machine Embroidery Designs.jpg
Surprise Embroidery #Neckline design available at #EmbroideryShristi. This design is available for free for the next 24 hours at below link
Neckline Embroidery Design

Want to print detailed information about your Embroidery Designs? No Problem, this can be easily done using the free software of Wilcome Truesizer. To check how to do this, please refer the below article

PDF Files For Embroidery Design Detailed Information
The best way to keep track of your embroidery design files is to get print of Embroidery Designs with all relevant information like Height, Width, Image, Trims, Axis Information, etc. You can export all the details along with the snapshot of the designs in a PDF file.

Next, you can print this PDF file and create your own catalog for future reference. PFA the sample file for your reference

Continous Border For Your Machine_EmbroideryShristi.pdf

You can also this option to provide detailed information to your customers online. We are using this option for preparing PDF files and thereby upload it to the store for our customers. The customers can download it and check the detailed information before purchasing it.

Hence, PDF print works well for sharing detailed information about Machine Embroidery Designs. These PDF files include all the information about the designs.

So, how to get this information exported in PDF file? To get this answer please read below.

  • Download and Install a Cute PDF writer on your system. This software is available for free and requires to create a PDF file for your selected information.
  • Open Wilcom Truesizer Digitizing Software
  • Press Ctrl+P or Select Print option from the file menu
  • Select the Cute PDF Writer option from the drop-down available. Next, click on the 'Preview' button to make any changes (addition or deletion of information) in the default information.
    Cute PDF Writer to Print Information Of Wilcom Truesizer.JPG
  • If you export the default information into your PDF files then go forward and click on 'Ok' button

That's it. Now, it will export your embroidery file designs along with the it's a snapshot.

Note: You can use the 'Preview' option to add or delete any information from the PDF files. The same option is also used for changing the view of the designs. In wilcom truesizer there is two option to export the snapshot of the design. a) True view and b) Thread views. 

At last, if you face any problem while export or printing the designs information then feel free to contact us anytime. You can leave your message or query here by replying to this post.
4 Surprise Freebie Embroidery Designs available at #EmbroideryShristi at below link

Four Embroidery Designs Freebie.JPG
New surprise freebie added to #embroideryshristi at below link
Tie Outline Embroidery Design 2x2

Hi Friends,

Please find below the direct link to the surprise freebie at below link. This beautiful neckline embroidery design will be free for the next 24 hours (starting from 11 AM as per Indian Standard Time) from #embroideryshristi
Neckline Embroidery Design

Hello Friends,

At EmbroideryShristi, Are you facing any difficulties in finding the embroidery designs or freebies? If yes then this article is for you. This article includes a small structural and breadcrumbs showing how to find your required machine embroidery designs easily.

1. Structural Snapshot

The structural snapshot shows how the designs are categorized in our store. We have a board category created for all types of embroidery designs like Neckline, Border, All Over etc but when its comes to Small Hoops Embroidery Designs ( less than 10 Inches) then we have a separate category for them.

Structure at EmbroideryShristi.JPG

Remember, all the small hoops designs will be available under the Board category called Small Hoops Embroidery Design.

Small Hoops Embroidery Design.png

Next, within the small category, you will find categorized small embroidery designs for a home-based embroidery machine.

Small Categories.JPG

2. BreadCrumbs At The Store

It is very easy to add the designs to cart and check out. All you need to do is click on the 'Add to Cart' button available beneath every design.

When you click on any category name, you can find the list of embroidery available in that particular category. Next, beneath every product name, there is 'Add to Cart' button to add the design to cart and purchase it.

Category Page of Embroidery Designs.png

But if in case you want to get more information then you need to click on an individual design for more information. Once you click on individual designs it will open the individual product page and the categories list from the right page will get disappeared.

Embroidery Design Product Page.JPG

Note: You will find the free download button (download designs without registration and login) here on this page. Please remember, this free download button will get disappear in case of limited time freebie once the time period gets expired. Hence, if there is a case where you don't find this free download button though the designs are available for free then its means you have missed out the design and the time period for which it was available has got expired.

Assuming you are on the product page, now the only ways to go back to the category are

  • Using Back Button
  • Using Top Header Menubar and Home Button
  • Using Bread Crumbs given at the tops of the design and below the top header menu

Breadcrumbs on store.JPG

Hope this small article will help you in finding your required embroidery designs. If in case you still facing any problem in finding the designs at our store then feel free to contact us at support@EmbroideryShristi.com. We will be happy to -help you.
Hello Friends,

Whether you're looking for a large hoop commercial machine embroidery design or small machine embroidery for a home-based embroidery machine, our online store 'EmbroideryShristi' will be there for you.

Do you know? EmbroideryShristi does sell all kinds of Machine Embroidery Designs starting from Ultra Large Hoops ( say 50 Inches) to Small Hoops ( like 2 Inches).

Yes, EmbroideryShristi is the hub of all kinds of Embroidery Designs. Hereby below, we have shared a few such designs for your reference.

Ultra Large Full Embroidery Dress Design

If you're looking for a complete set of embroidery designs for your Embroidery Dress then you need to definitely visit this link. At below link, you will find embroidery dress design including Neckline, Border, and Sleeves

Machine Embroidery Design For Your Dresses

  • The above Embroidery Designs will be available in the one single individual file. It means you will find the whole designs in one file. There is no splitting of designs available.
  • This design is digitized in native EMB format. You can easily split the design using cut and paste command in Wilcom Digitizing Software.
  • No one digitized this whole embroidery designs in one go. This design is further split and then embroidered using the embroidery machine.
  • You can contact 'EmbroideryShristi' support team if you really like any designs and want to split in your required size.

Don't have Wilcom Software? No Problem. You can still digitize such large design easily. We also sell individuals neckline, Border and Daman Embroidery Design. You can purchase an individual design from #EmbroideryShristi. We have created a separate category for it.

Next, you will find the list of these categories in the top header bar and left sidebar as well. Remember, we have created a separate and board category for each type of embroidery design but in case if you are looking for a small design like 4x4, 5x7 or 2x2 then please check out SMALL HOOPS CATEGORY specially created for these type of embroidery designs.

Small Embroidery Design for Home-Based Embroidery Machine

Please refer the attached image for more information and subcategories falling under Small Hoop Category

Note: If you are looking for small hoop designs like 2x2, 4x4,5x7 and 8x14 hoop then please check the Small Category for rest please check out the respective category.

Dollar Store Selling Embroidery Designs at Less Than $1 only

The next in the list is Dollar Store selling Embroidery Designs at $1 or less than that. In this category, you will find both large and small designs as well at less than one dollar only.

The below neckline embroidery design is available at one dollar only. Yes, it is available at $1. Isn't it pretty?

Pro Tips
  • If you like any embroidery design but can not use it because of size or format issues then please let us know. We will split the same at free of cost for you. Yes, we also have a separate category for split embroidery design and you will be happy to know that many of our customers are using these split designs without any problem.
  • Our designs are available in Native EMB format and hence you can easily modify it without any limitation of size and density

For more information and clarification please contact us support@embroideryshristi.com
Announcement Page / Upgraded Forum to New Version
August 25, 2019, 11:09:55 pm
Good Evening Friends

This is to inform you that we have upgraded our forum to the latest version. This new version will resolve will work better now with new features like

  • A Better Editor. Now you can easily format text within your post easily (Make sure the last document icon is disabled while formatting your post)
  • Like the post option to the post (You can't like your own post)
  • Mention Members within the post (For Example Type the name of the user followed by @ like @Alena K   )
  • Drag and Drop Attachment
  • Similar Topic
  • Now control your notification and alerts on the forum

The only drawback you will find now will be the previously shared project images. Now, you need to right-click on the images to open its new window. Images will not get open a sperate window anymore
Coffee Corner / Happy Birthday Lord Krishna
August 24, 2019, 09:05:15 am
Happy Birthday Day to My Dear Lord Krishana. Happy Janmastmi to all Shristi Users.
Today is the birthday of the Hindu Lord Krishna. On this occasion, we are wishing happy janmastmi to all users

If anyone facing problem with duplicate or similar kind of names at our store then this will help you.

Learn how to identify our embroidery design for easily using unique id given in the url of the product or #embroiderydesign.

A Id number is allocated to all embroidery designs uploaded on our store. This Id will be unique and will not be same for any two designs ( For more details please refer the attached snapshot)
Hello Friends

We have good news for you. We have created a new category called $1 Design on our store. In this store, you will find all the designs with one dollar or less than that.

You will find this category at below link
Surprise freebie on this weekend for you all. Download this beautiful border machine embroidery design from embroideryshristi for next 24 hours at below link
This design is of Cat Outline Embroidery Design For Your Machine. This design will get fits into a hoop size of 4x4. For more details, you can refer the PDF file available in the attached ZIP File

Good Morning all

On Indian Independence Day, We have surprise freebie embroidery design for you. Please find below the direct link to the Free Jumbo Continous Free Machine Embroidery Design from #EmbroideryShristi
Coffee Corner / Happy Independence Day To All INDIAN
August 15, 2019, 08:41:13 am
Happy Independence Day to all Indian Members.

My love for my nation is boundless. My love for my people is endless. All I desire for my country is happiness. Let me be the first person to wish you a special Happy Independence Day!

Hello Shristi Users


'On Independence Day
Here wishing our dreams of a new
Tomorrow come true for us