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Hello Friends

This is my first attempt to split the designs.I have the split the designs made for large hoops for my 250 area machine embroidery Machine.

Actually i had splitted two designs and will going to use it soon...

I have also embroidered the butta for the same.Please have a look over it and comment your feedback.

Ofcourse, i have embroidered it sperately and will stick it during sewing.

Embroidery Projects / 3 new neckline project 2014
April 15, 2014, 11:50:39 am
neckline Designs done by me....

My new Project for 2014.....Neckline Embroidery Designs

Coffee Corner / Indian Garba in bollywood
February 15, 2014, 05:25:14 pm
I am sharing this because the costume she is wearing is a perfect example of Embroidery work.

One of my favorite, i wish i can do this Garba.
Watch this song in the Bollywood movie. She is Deepika Padukone in Ram-Leela movie.

Do you know?
Deepika's costume in the movie Ram-Leela (in the dance below) apparently weighed 30 kg and had a ghera (wide) of
50 meter.

[smg id=207 type=av]

She did the Garba with a 30kgs Choli and Ghaghara (Indian Gujarati costume) and it was 50 meter wide.

Choli and Ghaghara is a Indian Gujarati traditional dress generally used during 'Navratri' and Indian Marriage.
Coffee Corner / Indian Marriage Invitation Card
February 12, 2014, 12:52:52 pm
Indian Marriage Invitation Card:

Like, We have Valentine Day on 14th Feb every year, there is a 'Vasant Pachami' in India which is said to be a one of the best day for a couple. It usually come in the month of Feb. and this time it was on 4th feb 2014.

As usual on this day lots of marriage take and lots of Marriage invitation cards are send to the relatives. Even i got a lots of Invitation Card for marriages.

I am sharing a Indian Marriage Invitation Card with you.Following are the Invitation Card know as 'Kankotri' in Gujarati. Kankotri is send to all relatives to invite them for the marriage.Ganeshji, First workship God is always the first devoted images of all Invitation.

[smg id=205][smg id=204][smg id=203][smg id=202]

Hope the above designs are inspirational to some one for designing the traditional Invitation Cards.

I generally work a lot.But Embroidery is my hobby and after doing my all work i back to my Embroidery Machine.The best way i used to relax is 'I always listen music while working'. It make me relax and creative.

I usually listen 'Gayatri Mantra' and 'Hunman Chalisa' while doing my work. Both of them are devotional songs with there own importance.

I suggest to listen Gayatri Mantra daily it wash your all sins and listen Hunman Chalisa it bring you out of fear.

A literal translation of the Gayatri verse proper can be given as: "May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the god:

So may he stimulate our prayers."
Both of them there own importance and i like to listen this while working.Today listening music became a part of my embroidery.Of course, i even like to listen music and other lots of stuff.It save our time and teach a lots.
Simple Abstract Frame Designs Freebie
A new year designs freebie from me
Total colors 2

  • Total stitches 933

  • Stops 2


  • Size: 4x4

Embroidery Projects / My neckline Project patch work
December 28, 2013, 10:10:52 am
My neckline Project patch work
A Neckline Patch work by me.Thanks to Shristi to inspire me for neckline design.

Introduce yourself / Hello I am From India
November 21, 2013, 07:37:19 pm
Hello Friends:

I am from India.I am a part of this Website.If you have any suggestion or problem with this website you can share with me.Add me to your buddy friends of this forum.You can add it from my Profile.

Hope i will have great time with you all..
Love you all  :)
Have a Nice day!!

Coffee Corner / Salad Competition
September 10, 2013, 12:56:11 am
Hello Friends

There was a salad Competition in Advent 2013 at KS School of Business Management Ahmadabad.

Here i am sharing some good pics of salad competition.Hope you will like this pics.This all salads are made by BBA and MBA Students of the KS College:

Sick Computer / Daily Computer Tips
August 26, 2013, 08:01:48 am
Hello Friends

I am starting this post to share a daily computer (PC) tips to keep your PC clean,Organize your embroidery designs properly and so on....I will modified this post daily and will share a daily computer tips over here.You can replied to this post if you want to share your tips or gratitude.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-OK-IoOhKiUY/UYe-LP9BibI/AAAAAAAAACg/8LbkxGioG6U/s200/images+(2).jpgDaily Computer TipsDaily Computer Tips
1) Always create a shortcut of your files rather than copying your files to different folder, it will help you to save your space and even there will not be duplication of embroidery designs on your laptop or pc.
2) Try to create a restore points before installing any Program to your PC, so that in case of any problem you can restore back to your old system
3) Try to keep your Desktop neat and clean.
4) Make sure your anti virus software is updated.
5) If you are getting "EVERY TIME" SSL certificate and prompt to add site to exceptional rules,then please check the date of your computer.This may happen because of incorrect date and time on pc.
6) Avoid Garnishing your PC, keep it simple look and display.This is because high definition look and display consume more power and RAM and there by slow down your PC.
7) If you are using Internet, then download "CC Cleaner" to remove the temporary files on your PC and remove the files at a certain interval.
8 )  Lost your files on your PC, no problem, there are some IT tools that can recover your data 100%example: "EASUS DATA RECOVERY".
9) It is very easy to make the USB Drive appear to be a bigger, a 2GB pen drive can be manipulated to be shown as a 4GB by using some coding.So take a note of it.
10) keep your desktop neat and clean
11) Use "Deep Freeze" software to freeze the certain drives of your PC,specially the main drive.It is software that can be installed on your pc and selected drive would be freeze, that is nothing can be added or can removed from PC.You may freeze your main drive to protect from virus.It require to disable the deep freeze options in case you want to add something.Generally, it is used for the PC which by everyone or public.
12)Remove the unwanted software from your PC, this will speed up your PC.
13) Always use the zip format to compress the size of the file
14) Avoid downloading the zip file, this is because it is diffcult to identify the infected files with in the zip file
15) Use .zip format rather than .rar format
16) Do not put any thing that use a magnet in front of the monitor. Placing a magent in front of the Monitor screen will harm the display screen of your PC and soon your monitor screen will not work at all.
17) Never save your password unless it is required.Further, if you required to save the password then use the following firefox plugin to save the password in fire fox. You can also find a alternate plugin for the other Browser.
18) Always Shut down your PC properly for long life of the computer.
19) Never left your PC with out installing any Antivirus or internet Security.You can atleast afford a Free Antivirus or Internet Security.Find list of free Antivirus over here.20) Disable all background effect options.Keep your PC as simple as possible. This will increase the speed of your PC.

Did you have any Questions, problem related to your PC or Computer then do share in this category.I will try to help you out to solve your Problems.Computer is my Hobby and i would be happy to help you out.

To avoid any confusion, please do not share in this topic.Create a new topic for your queries.

Sorry i am busy with my family now. But will share the tips as and when i will come online or this will close this theard forever. @ admin

It generally happen that while mostly the most beautiful neckline embroidery are very large in size. Yes, generally the size of hoops plays a important issue in purchasing Neckline embroidery. If you have a very small hoops that is if you can support only 4x4 size then it become difficult to find a most elegant embroidery designs for your project. Check out the following Neckline Embroidery designs:

Above all Neckline Designs are of course Beautiful but extra large in size. One cannot use this easily with all hoops. But today I am going to share you simple tips for Neckline embroidery designs so that you can easily split the designs.
It would be better if a Digitizer you digitize the Neckline Embroidery using the Mirror and Duplicate Options. Yes, that is the only way out to digitize the embroidery designs. Let me explain how and what is Mirror and duplicate options is all about?

Generally Neckline Embroidery Designs are of two parts say Left and Right Part. If a digitizer digitize the embroidery designs using duplicate and mirror option than it would be possible to split the designs. Of course this can happen in Native file only. You may require EMB designs format for this.

Let me Explain it with an example:

1) Every Neckline is made up of two parts say Left and Right part

2) It would be a best option if digitizer first digitize the left or right side of the designs alone.
3) Once he\she digitize the one part he may then select the whole designs and then  create the Duplicate of the same. Please take a note that it would be better if you lock the entire designs before making duplicate.

4) Then move the duplicate part of neckline designs toward the left or right side, depend on the part remainining.
5) After moving the designs to some distance apart, right click on the designs and use Mirror options 'Y'
6) This will flip the designs and that its.Neckline Designs is digitizied finally.

How will this help you to split the designs?

Of course this will help you to split the designs easily. You can easily split the designs in to two parts left and right

From where you can get EMB designs Format Neckline Embroidery Designs?

Neckline Embroidery Designs in EMB format are available at Embroideryshristi website. You may purchase or even get it free from there freebie section. They have some freebie neckline embroidery too. Here is the link for the Neckline Embroidery Section:
Please note that all the designs can't be split,some of designs are designsed in such a manner that it cannot be spitted.So conifrm about the designs whether it can be split or not before purchasing the designs from any website
Tips and Tricks / What is Red work Embroidery Designs
August 22, 2013, 01:19:28 pm
Red work Embroidery Designs are fun way in making various embroidery project.It can be used for making pillows,table runner,embroidery card designs etc.

What is Red work Embroidery Designs?
Red work embroidery designs is a designs which is being digitized by using a single red colour thread.This Techniques used a basic techniques of outlining a designs.In short, a outline embroidery designs in red colour are called a red work embroidery designs.Here is the example of red work embroidery designs at embroideryshristi.

What types of Stitches are used for Redwork Embroidery?

Generally Stem stitches and outline stitches are used for digitizing red work embroidery designs.But besides this stitches one can also use the other stitches to digitized the red work embroidery designs.One can also use triple run stitches for red work designs.Genrally, Triple run stitches are set to 2mm for best result and stain stitches are used for filling the small areas of designs.For both Run and Triple Run stitches, set the stitch length to suit the digitized shape. Where the object has tight curves, select a shorter stitch length. To reduce the stitch count for flatter curves, increase the stitch length.

Following are the various Red work embroidery designs stitches:
Triple Run

Can i use different Colour instead of red colour?

Answer to your question is yes you can.You can use any colour with designs.It will just change the name of the designs as green work, blue work etc.For example

Others / Deco Studio-JPG image to Embroidery Designs
August 21, 2013, 10:25:11 pm
JPG files to Embroidery Designs...........

Many Digitizing software are available to convert the image file to embroidery designs. For example Deco Studio, DRAWing etc. convert the image vector to embroidery stitches instantly. Here I am sharing you tutorial for regarding the image to embroidery stitches using Deco studio;

1)   Open Deco Studio
2)   Click on Graphics options given at the top in menu bar.
3)   Once you click on Graphics, Deco studio will open a new window with in same software.
4)   Then just click on file menu and use import function to import the image source file. You can use JPG, PNG, EPS, Bitmap images etc. Further you can even use Drag and Drop options. Just Drag the image to the window and Deco studio will open the image dragged on your behalf
5)   Now, click on bitmap vector options on the top and thereby select the appropriate options to convert the image to vector bitmap image.
6)   Once you convert the image to vector bitmap then click on convert options to convert it in to embroidery stitches files.
7)    On the left side you will see the colour object, click on it and drag the outline colour object to the last options. This will bring the Outline Border to the top of the image.
8 )   Then click on respective objects and right click on it to select the convert to options and thereby convert it to your desired options.
9)   Once you convert it to desired options then click on file options and save the designs.

If you want to make a outline border to your designs in Deco Studio then the easiest way to create a border is to use the Outline tools.

In graphics mode just click on vector bitmap image (after converting image file to vector bitmap image), and select the outline tools (tool appear in the left toolbars options look like pen), and then specify the thickness of the outline and that's it , it will create the outline automatically.
Tips and Tricks / 9 tips to organize embroidery files
August 20, 2013, 10:44:58 pm
It is usually happen that we have a lots of embroidery designs in our computer but we didn't able to find the designs whenever it is required. This show the importance of proper organizes of embroidery files. Thus, it becomes important to properly organize the embroidery designs. :(

How to properly organize the embroidery files?
One of the best ways of organizing the embroidery designs is to create a proper folder and sub folder in your computer. Create a folder of different categories named as Flowers, Animals, and Neckline etc within your pc and properly organize your designs with in folders maintained. Further, if possible than maintain a spate folder for different website.

Of course, It is difficult to maintain a proper folders and sub folders and different folders for different website. But there are some ways out to simplify this process.

Just create the folder and sub folders and maintain the embroidery designs with in that folder. Even you have to maintain the proper folder for different website, but forget to worry about the designs you save. Following are tools that can be used by you to simplify this process.

1)Rename Utility: The embroidery designs downloaded from website are usually downloaded with different name which is usually long and confusing server name of the website. For example the designs download at our website are usually with same name and further designs download from other websites usually use  named with their website name as prefix or suffix to embroidery files downloaded.
There is way out to solve this problem. You just try to maintain the embroidery files in proper folder and forget to worry about the name of files. You can use rename utility software to rename the designs. For example you are maintaining a folder for OWL EMBROIDERY DESIGNS and in that folder there are around 20 designs with different name. Then you can use rename utility and rename all files easily as per you wish. Please note that it is good practice to rename the add a particular numerical as a suffix to the files. You can rename the files as Embroideryshristi_Owl  Designs_001.

The benefit of using numerical with every design is that you can easily remember the embroidery files you are using.

2) Goggle Picasa Album:  Another best practices to be maintain during organizing the designs is to maintain a image file of every designs.

Why we have to maintain a image file of every designs??

The answer to your questions is Goggle Picasa. By using Picasa you can easily find the designs on your PC. It would be as easy as you finding the designs on internet. This is because whenever you start the Picasa, it will automatically search the image files on your pc, thereby you can find the designs. Further, Picasa also allow you to maintain a proper album of different images. Besides this it allow various other functions like web album, face recognition, album and sub album etc. Visit there official website for further details and download it free.

3) Download Wilcom True Sizer:
Download Wilcom Truesizer to convert your designs in to required format. It is freebie software provided by Wilcom for designs format conversions. Wilcom software support every design formats, so you don't have to worry about the designs you are purchasing or downloading. You can download the software from Wilcom official website as freebie.

4)  Empty Folder Finder: Many a times this happen you have make a separate folder for the designs but  no designs are organize in this folder. Further, you want to delete this folder to simplified your folder structure. Yes you can, you can download the empty folder finder from internet and search for  the empty folder on your pc and thereby delete the same.

5)  Export Files name to .CSV Excel File: You can even export the name of files in .csv files and refer it easily in future. Here how you can do this:

open command prompt
cd to directory containing files
dir /B > file.csv
open csv file in excel
add a /S after the /B if you want to recurse subdirectories

For example if you want to list out the name of files in the specific drive in a .CSV format, say N drive then you can use the following command:

in the new window that appears, type "cd N:"

then type "dir /B /S /A:D > file.csv"

WARNING: we don't take any responsibility for this code. You have to goggle out the code to be used with your sepefic needs. The above code is just for illustrative purpose. Goggle out the code your require or leave a comment over here with specific details about drive name and all.

6) Window Explorer: You can Even use Window Explorer to find the designs. Just go to Program and type window Explorer. It will open a window dialogue box with two parts. One with your drive name and another with folder name. In windows there are numerous ways out to preview the files. So , you can change the preview type to easily get the designs.Have a look over this image:

Source for image: howstuffworks

7) Organize Desktop Folders With Fences
Fences are an excellent program for organizing the folders that you do have on your desktop. Fences provide a nice way to switch from icons to no icons with a simple double click.

Source for image: howstuffworks

8 ) Remove & Refrain From Creating Duplicates
There are various software available on internet to find the duplicate folder on your PC. You can use this duplicate folder finder software and get a rid off this duplicate folder from your pc.

9) Email Specific Folder filters: Now a days each website use to mail there designs to your email id inbox. This can be a used to organize the designs in your inbox easily. You can create a separate folder in your Email Inbox and then use filter to automatically store your email to respective folder. Once you will filter the email, your email id provider will sort out the emails with a particular keyword you provided and send your email to a specific folder rather than inbox.Thus your designs will get saved to your folder automatically without any physically work by you.You can also create a folder with  specific designs name, but remember to use that keyword to filter the email.For, more details just goggled out filter email or wait very soon I will write a articles on all above tips individually.

Very Soon i am going to write a tutorial on all above tips provided, so stay in touch with this forum and in case if you want to sort out any query then please feel free to leave a post over this forum.

Have a nice day
Red horse embroidery designs

Width 6.02 inches
Total colors 1
Total stitches 341
Height 4.77 inches
Stops 1

Embroidery Projects / Ganesh Painting
January 10, 2013, 07:30:24 pm
Ganesh Painting

Designs by Shristi Memeber / Large hoops designs Daaman
December 17, 2012, 12:31:33 am
Large hoops designs for dress
    Width 11.9 inches
    Total stitches 29582
    Total colors 2
    Stops 2
    Height 37.4 inches

Hello My first Applique Embroidery designs.No test stitches is done........

    Height 3.9 inches
    Stops 1
    Total colors 1
    Total stitches 4117
    Width 3.90 inches

Coffee Corner / Best Embroidery Software
May 06, 2012, 02:00:44 pm
Which is the best embroidery digitizing software you had ever used or seen?

in my opinion it is wilcom..

Whats your opinion friends?
Feedback / Thanks a lot for freebies
May 06, 2012, 01:54:38 pm

Thanks a lots for the all freebies at your website.I am very much happy with your freebies.

thank once again.

kaustubh patel