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Quote from: EmbroideryShristi on December 09, 2017, 12:44:16 pmHi Friends

Just check out the below freebie design available at our website.

After looking at above Embroidery, What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of Course, You will say WOW!!! You will also excited to know how this kind of large embroidery is done on the machine? If yes then below you will find the answer.

Actually, this kind of designs is embroidered in a part. No machine can do this embroidery in one go. These designs are embroidered separately then stitched together to make Embroidery Dress. I know after reading this statement, you are getting more confused and many more questions are arising in your minds. You will find the answers to those questions at below

1. How are these designs embroidered Separately?
To know this check out the below video.



2. If these designs are done separately then What is the use of Big Commercial Design?
Yes, it is true that this design is done separately. Commercial Machine is big in nature but they are built to make the same design in bulk. For example, Suppose a person has an order of making 100 embroidery dress. In this case, he will not use his machine 100 times to do this embroidery but instead, he uses this machine three times to create 100 such Embroidery Dress.

Want to Know, How???

Simple. For the first time, he will try to create 100 Neckline Design, in the Second time, he will create 100 all over design and in last third time, he will create the border design.
After creating the all these three designs, he stitches these designs together and creates a final embroidery dress design.

3. You are the sharing the design of entire Embroidery Dress. How to spit and use these designs separately?
Very Simple. We are digitizing the designs in native EMB format. These designs can be easily cut and paste into the seprate file. if you digitizing software support this EMB files then you simply need to select the respective design and save the same in separate files.

For more check out the below video.

Thanks for the tutorial, Shristi!
Recently I worked with a much smaller hoop than a regular, so it was extremely helpful to find your tutorial. Ofc I haven't tried this particular design - I believe it'd be way too hard to re-create at 4"x 4" only area! as I switched to this Brother machine temporarily - but this method works fine for other designs I wanted to try.
Even if might sound obvious, there are many kinds and brands available. But I'm talking about the material mostly: cotton, silk and wool. So I would like to ask, which thread brand(s) and materials do you prefer? And why? 
Or it purely depends on a project? 

As for me, I've tried using Sulky brand in my embroidery machine but it keeps breaking (even with lower tension + speed). And now I'm curious about Madeira thread, but I have no local quilt shops that stock it so I will have to order online. 

So as I'm waiting, I would like to hear other's experiences, in case there are any. What works for you?
Sorry for reviving this, Shristi, but as I've already mentioned in my intro, I'm looking for a proper digitizer. Now I'm choosing between Embird, BuzzEdit and Hatch. According to wiki, they're pretty similar - at least technically (there's a comparison). 
But as for beginner, I'm looking for the a soft which is as friendly software as possible. Also the price is crucial.
So between these, which might be the easiest to explore? I've already tried the Embird, but it have so much options that's even confusing. Or maybe you can recommend any good tutorials?

Also, it seems like your link to a trial version is not working anymore.

Thanks in advance!
Question and answer / Choosing a digitizer
August 19, 2019, 09:37:19 am
Hi, everyone! I am new here, and new to machine embroidery as well.
Long story short - I was just given a Janome embroidery machine (without any additional soft or discs, if this matters). It does have some pre-set designs, but I'm interested in getting software to digitize my own designs but I am not sure which one to get. I use one program that can resize designs, but it won't let me import my own designs to digitize them.
Can anyone give me some recommendations?
And if there's already a thread with pro's and con's for different digitizers which I missed, can you share it with me, please?

upd: forgot to mention, the model is 350E