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October 21, 2019, 04:41:29 am


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The #halloween #spiderweb will be free for next 24 hours starting midnight today as per Indian Standard Time
at below link


Do not forget to download the free #MachineEmbroidery design from below link (available for next 24 hours)

Do not forget to download the free embroidery design available for the next 24 hours from below link

Coffee Corner / Re: Daily Check In Post
October 14, 2019, 08:39:06 am
Finally all set. GST return has been filled. The rainy season has gone and winter has arrived. Now, waiting for the biggest festival of India 'DIWALI'. Yesterday, I started doing the shopping for my friends and family. 15 days left for Diwali.
Surprise Embroidery #Neckline design available at #EmbroideryShristi. This design is available for free for the next 24 hours at below link
Neckline Embroidery Design

Want to print detailed information about your Embroidery Designs? No Problem, this can be easily done using the free software of Wilcome Truesizer. To check how to do this, please refer the below article

PDF Files For Embroidery Design Detailed Information
The best way to keep track of your embroidery design files is to get print of Embroidery Designs with all relevant information like Height, Width, Image, Trims, Axis Information, etc. You can export all the details along with the snapshot of the designs in a PDF file.

Next, you can print this PDF file and create your own catalog for future reference. PFA the sample file for your reference

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You can also this option to provide detailed information to your customers online. We are using this option for preparing PDF files and thereby upload it to the store for our customers. The customers can download it and check the detailed information before purchasing it.

Hence, PDF print works well for sharing detailed information about Machine Embroidery Designs. These PDF files include all the information about the designs.

So, how to get this information exported in PDF file? To get this answer please read below.

  • Download and Install a Cute PDF writer on your system. This software is available for free and requires to create a PDF file for your selected information.
  • Open Wilcom Truesizer Digitizing Software
  • Press Ctrl+P or Select Print option from the file menu
  • Select the Cute PDF Writer option from the drop-down available. Next, click on the 'Preview' button to make any changes (addition or deletion of information) in the default information.
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  • If you export the default information into your PDF files then go forward and click on 'Ok' button

That's it. Now, it will export your embroidery file designs along with the it's a snapshot.

Note: You can use the 'Preview' option to add or delete any information from the PDF files. The same option is also used for changing the view of the designs. In wilcom truesizer there is two option to export the snapshot of the design. a) True view and b) Thread views. 

At last, if you face any problem while export or printing the designs information then feel free to contact us anytime. You can leave your message or query here by replying to this post.
Coffee Corner / Re: Daily Check In Post
October 10, 2019, 11:55:02 pm
Waiting for your next weekend. Planning for trekking @Matheran, Mumbai. It wish it would be a great day since I am going for trekking for the first time.
A video tutorial on centering the #embroiderydesigns is available at below link

Free for the day at below link on #Embroideryshristi for next 24 hours starting right now

4 Surprise Freebie Embroidery Designs available at #EmbroideryShristi at below link

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