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Title: Truesizer
Post by: EmbroideryShristi on May 06, 2012, 11:05:28 am
Hello Friends,

Here is the link for the free embroidery software you can downlaod it at a free of cost

Wilcom is pleased to announce the general availability of Wilcom
TrueSizer e2. This release makes Wilcom Truesizer e2 available with
support for e2 and earlier (.Emb) file formats.

Wilcom TrueSizer is a universal file conversion tool offering full
compatibility between industrial and domestic embroidery file formats,
as well as full design scalability. It allows you to view, modify, read
and convert, and output high quality embroidery through its easy-to-use
commands and tools.

• Open native Wilcom EMB files (Now supports e2 .Emb file format)

• Save designs in Wilcom EMB format

• Read and convert many popular industrial and home expanded/condensed
file formats

• Format embroidery disks and save designs to proprietary embroidery
disks- Output to embroidery disk

• Scale, Mirror, rotate, skew designs

• Email EMB files directly from within Wilcom TrueSizer

• View designs in TrueView and normal stitch view

• View designs with slow redraw functionality

• Print out production worksheets

http://www.embroiderystartup.com/FreeStuff/WilcomTrueSizer/tabid/203/Default.aspx (http://www.embroiderystartup.com/FreeStuff/WilcomTrueSizer/tabid/203/Default.aspx)
Title: offical link to the Truesizer
Post by: EmbroideryShristi on July 18, 2012, 07:16:32 pm

Here is the link to the Truesizer Software, you have to get registered first to download this freebies.Ya, this software is available at free of cost at
Wilcom TrueSizer e2
http://www.wilcom.com.au/PRODUCTS.aspx/TrueSizer.aspx (http://www.wilcom.com.au/PRODUCTS.aspx/TrueSizer.aspx)