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Title: Summer Collection of Machine Embroidery Designs
Post by: EmbroideryShristi on March 16, 2018, 05:17:51 pm
Hello Friends

Summer Season is on the way and soon it's going to be too hot. So, if you are planning to embroidered Machine Embroidery Design for Summer Season then have a look at these designs.

Below we will share the list of available designs for the Summer Seasons

WaterMelon Embroidery Design (https://www.embroideryshristi.com/en/fruits-vegetables-embroidery-designs/3061-cutted-watermelon-embroidery-designs.html)
This design will work best for your Summer Season.

Don't like the Watermelon, looking for something else? Just check out the below 'Coconut Embroidery Design'.

Coconut Embroidery Design (https://www.embroideryshristi.com/en/foods-and-drink-embroidery-design/4896-coconut-summer-embroidery-design.html)
Coconut Embroidery Design project will look best on your Summer T-Shirts. Just give a try to the design this summer, we will assure you that it will be the best project of the season.
Ice Cream Embroidery Designs (https://www.embroideryshristi.com/en/other/3387-ice-cream-cone-embroidery-designs.html)
Not like the above designs? No Problem. You will definitely like these Ice Embroidery Designs for your next Summer Season Project.Just Check out this beautiful Ice Cream Embroidery Designs. Isn't it. Beautiful?
Ice Cream Embroidery Designs1 (https://www.embroideryshristi.com/en/other/3145-icecream-embroidery-designs.html?search_query=Summer&results=5)
Another Ice Cream Embroidery Design is available at free of cost.
Still not satisfied with our Summer Embroidery Design collection, then check out this design. The design of the Summer King of the Fruits. Yes, It's Mango Machine Embroidery Design.
Mango Embroidery Design (https://www.embroideryshristi.com/en/fruits-vegetables-embroidery-designs/3163-mango-fruit-embroidery-design.html?search_query=Summer&results=5)
This Mango will look beautiful on your Summer Projects.

Please let us know if you don't find the design that you are looking for? You can even share the request for the design in this category. Our team will digitize your requested design.
So, do not feel hesitate in sharing your requested embroidery design in this post and category.