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Title: Indian Marriage Invitation Card
Post by: sew123 on February 12, 2014, 12:52:52 pm
Indian Marriage Invitation Card:

Like, We have Valentine Day on 14th Feb every year, there is a 'Vasant Pachami' in India which is said to be a one of the best day for a couple. It usually come in the month of Feb. and this time it was on 4th feb 2014.

As usual on this day lots of marriage take and lots of Marriage invitation cards are send to the relatives. Even i got a lots of Invitation Card for marriages.

I am sharing a Indian Marriage Invitation Card with you.Following are the Invitation Card know as 'Kankotri' in Gujarati. Kankotri is send to all relatives to invite them for the marriage.Ganeshji, First workship God is always the first devoted images of all Invitation.

[smg id=205][smg id=204][smg id=203][smg id=202]

Hope the above designs are inspirational to some one for designing the traditional Invitation Cards.