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Title: Why Embroidery Fonts Purchased From EmbroideryShristi are Best: No Resize Issue
Post by: EmbroideryShristi on June 17, 2019, 01:10:47 pm
One of the biggest problem we faced while purchasing the Embroidery Designs is 'Size' issues. You can't increase or decrease the size of the designs once digitized.

Hence, your embroidery designs will be of no use if you have purchased the wrong size. But, this problem can be resolved, if you purchase the designs from 'EmbroideryShristi'.Barring, your hoops size limitation, you can use our same embroidery designs for different sizes.

Next, if you face any problem with our embroidery files (for example, our Embroidery Fonts or Alpha are of different sizes and you want them converted into standard size) then this can be done easily with our embroidery designs.

Yes, our embroidery designs can be easily resized at your end using free Wilcom Truesizer Digitizing Software.

Let us understand this with an example.

It's a known fact, all the alphabets letter can't be of the same size. Next, few letters like W, M, and H will require wider than the letters like I,J and L.

A digitizer needs to take care of these points while digitizing any Embroidery Fonts or Alphabets.

But, what if, he or she forgot to consider this point. In this case, all the letters will be of different sizes and they will not talk with each other when combined together.

In this case, what will be the best solution? How to resize the embroidery fonts to get them fits properly in a word?

To get the solution please read below.

This problem can be resolved by purchasing the fonts from 'EmbroideryShristi'. Designs purchased from EmbroideryShristi can be easily modified and resized.

I know many of you may wonder that

If you are thinking about the same things, then we have good news for you.

Yes, you will not face this problem with our designs. Why? Please read below.

So, now, you don't need to worry while purchasing the embroidery fonts. In our case, if any of the letters are found defective (in the sense of size) then you can easily resize it using truesizer at your end.

The same logic will also apply to other types of embroidery designs. You can also resize the other embroidery files using free wilcom truesizer.

P.S: Paid Software only required when you want to modify (change or split the designs). For resizing embroidery files, the free truesizer is enough.

At last, if you want any help in resizing the embroidery designs then let us know. We will resize the embroidery files for you.