9 tips to organize embroidery files

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Re: 9 tips to organize embroidery files
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 The Embroidery Deduper is the ONLY solution to eliminate duplicate embroidery designs and files, while automating the extraction of archive files, such as Zip and RAR files.

Here are some highlights of The Embroidery Deduper's many features :

    Automatically scans your embroidery folders and detects and removes duplicate files. Just choose your embroidery folders and start it! Identifies duplicate files even if the filenames are different.  Allows the ability to keep duplicates across category folders, if you'd like to do so.

    Automatically keeps your most preferred embroidery file format of a given design and eliminates the less preferred formats.

    Automatically extracts RAR and Zip format archives and dedups those files as well. It even handles nested archives of unlimited depth.

    Now includes the Folder Consolidation Feature, which examines folders for cases in which it may not be desired to have a separate sub-folder and offers to "move" the embroidery files in the sub-folder to the parent folder. Clean up all those sub-folders that are only storing a few designs in them! The Folder Consolidation Feature makes it easy for you to get your embroidery category folders more "compact", allowing you to find your designs faster.

    Automatically identifies potentially corrupt archive files and puts them in an isolated quarantine folder, for your later review.

    Preference settings such as Duplicate Detection Level, duplicate preservation, quarantine location and preferred format settings are fully customizable and can be saved as defaults or on a per-project basis.

    It's Fast! The Embroidery Deduper can process thousands of files in a matter of seconds. Speeds exceeding 200 files / second are not uncommon, depending on your system configuration, duplicate file density and number of archive files.

    Drag and Drop capability. Simply set your preferences, drag the folder you want to clean up and drop it into the Embroidery Deduper window, press the "Begin Dedup!" button and you're off! It's that simple! You can save the project to a project file, making it even simpler in the future!

The Embroidery Deduper is the fastest and most thorough way to tidy up your embroidery folders. It's the perfect tool to clean up your "Downloads" folder before you categorize your designs

Buy Noe over here/Source: http://www.gransworkroom.com/software.php
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I am learning embroidery designs.So please do comment if you use this embroidery designs.Since, i am learning digitizing, test stitches for designs are most preferred.

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Re: 9 tips to organize embroidery files
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9 tips to organize embroidery files
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2013, 10:44:58 PM »
It is usually happen that we have a lots of embroidery designs in our computer but we didnít able to find the designs whenever it is required. This show the importance of proper organizes of embroidery files. Thus, it becomes important to properly organize the embroidery designs. :(

How to properly organize the embroidery files?
One of the best ways of organizing the embroidery designs is to create a proper folder and sub folder in your computer. Create a folder of different categories named as Flowers, Animals, and Neckline etc within your pc and properly organize your designs with in folders maintained. Further, if possible than maintain a spate folder for different website.

Of course, It is difficult to maintain a proper folders and sub folders and different folders for different website. But there are some ways out to simplify this process.

Just create the folder and sub folders and maintain the embroidery designs with in that folder. Even you have to maintain the proper folder for different website, but forget to worry about the designs you save. Following are tools that can be used by you to simplify this process.

1)Rename Utility: The embroidery designs downloaded from website are usually downloaded with different name which is usually long and confusing server name of the website. For example the designs download at our website are usually with same name and further designs download from other websites usually use  named with their website name as prefix or suffix to embroidery files downloaded.
There is way out to solve this problem. You just try to maintain the embroidery files in proper folder and forget to worry about the name of files. You can use rename utility software to rename the designs. For example you are maintaining a folder for OWL EMBROIDERY DESIGNS and in that folder there are around 20 designs with different name. Then you can use rename utility and rename all files easily as per you wish. Please note that it is good practice to rename the add a particular numerical as a suffix to the files. You can rename the files as Embroideryshristi_Owl  Designs_001.

The benefit of using numerical with every design is that you can easily remember the embroidery files you are using.

2) Goggle Picasa Album:  Another best practices to be maintain during organizing the designs is to maintain a image file of every designs.

Why we have to maintain a image file of every designs??

The answer to your questions is Goggle Picasa. By using Picasa you can easily find the designs on your PC. It would be as easy as you finding the designs on internet. This is because whenever you start the Picasa, it will automatically search the image files on your pc, thereby you can find the designs. Further, Picasa also allow you to maintain a proper album of different images. Besides this it allow various other functions like web album, face recognition, album and sub album etc. Visit there official website for further details and download it free.

3) Download Wilcom True Sizer:
Download Wilcom Truesizer to convert your designs in to required format. It is freebie software provided by Wilcom for designs format conversions. Wilcom software support every design formats, so you donít have to worry about the designs you are purchasing or downloading. You can download the software from Wilcom official website as freebie.

4)  Empty Folder Finder: Many a times this happen you have make a separate folder for the designs but  no designs are organize in this folder. Further, you want to delete this folder to simplified your folder structure. Yes you can, you can download the empty folder finder from internet and search for  the empty folder on your pc and thereby delete the same.

5)  Export Files name to .CSV Excel File: You can even export the name of files in .csv files and refer it easily in future. Here how you can do this:

open command prompt
cd to directory containing files
dir /B > file.csv
open csv file in excel
add a /S after the /B if you want to recurse subdirectories

For example if you want to list out the name of files in the specific drive in a .CSV format, say N drive then you can use the following command:

in the new window that appears, type "cd N:"

then type "dir /B /S /A:D > file.csv"

WARNING: we donít take any responsibility for this code. You have to goggle out the code to be used with your sepefic needs. The above code is just for illustrative purpose. Goggle out the code your require or leave a comment over here with specific details about drive name and all.

6) Window Explorer: You can Even use Window Explorer to find the designs. Just go to Program and type window Explorer. It will open a window dialogue box with two parts. One with your drive name and another with folder name. In windows there are numerous ways out to preview the files. So , you can change the preview type to easily get the designs.Have a look over this image:

Source for image: howstuffworks

7) Organize Desktop Folders With Fences
Fences are an excellent program for organizing the folders that you do have on your desktop. Fences provide a nice way to switch from icons to no icons with a simple double click.

Source for image: howstuffworks

8 ) Remove & Refrain From Creating Duplicates
There are various software available on internet to find the duplicate folder on your PC. You can use this duplicate folder finder software and get a rid off this duplicate folder from your pc.

9) Email Specific Folder filters: Now a days each website use to mail there designs to your email id inbox. This can be a used to organize the designs in your inbox easily. You can create a separate folder in your Email Inbox and then use filter to automatically store your email to respective folder. Once you will filter the email, your email id provider will sort out the emails with a particular keyword you provided and send your email to a specific folder rather than inbox.Thus your designs will get saved to your folder automatically without any physically work by you.You can also create a folder with  specific designs name, but remember to use that keyword to filter the email.For, more details just goggled out filter email or wait very soon I will write a articles on all above tips individually.

Very Soon i am going to write a tutorial on all above tips provided, so stay in touch with this forum and in case if you want to sort out any query then please feel free to leave a post over this forum.

Have a nice day
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9 tips to organize embroidery files
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