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Title: How To Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality?
Post by: EmbroideryShristi on December 15, 2017, 02:21:59 PM
Hello Firends,
In Embroidery Business, we often require to share Images and Photos. We share the Images of Embroidery Clipart,
Finished Projects etc. These photos are taken using high resolution camera and they are bigger in size. The size of the photos may vary up to 20 to 30 MB per photo. :(

Sharing such a big file requires good storage capacity and high speed connectivity. Without good connectivity, it is possible to share this kind of files.

Further, even though you have the good connectivity, it is not advisable to share such kind of files over internet. It is very tedious and time consuming activity. >:(

Thinking about Embroidery Business without sharing Images and Photos is not possible. These Images are the key factors of the said business. So, what to do in this case? How to resolve this problem?

Very Simple. There are many tools available to decrease the size of the image or photo. Of course, there will be no impact on the quality of the image. The quality will remain same but the size of the file will decrease up to 70%.
To know more about this tool with an example check out the article at below link.