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Coffee Corner / Today is Rathyatra in india
« on: June 21, 2012, 11:05:25 PM »

Today a wellknow festival was there in india know as rathyatra.The Rathajatra of Mahesh is the second oldest chariot festival in India (after Rath Yatra at Puri) and oldest in Bengal,[1] having been celebrated since 1397.[2] It is a week-long festival and a grand fair is held at that time. People throng to have a share in pulling the long ropes (Roshi) attached to the chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balarama and Subhadra on the journey from the temple to Serampur Gundicha Bari and back.

Story behind the Festival

It was the fourteenth century. Drubananda Brahmachari, a great Bengali sage went to Puri for pilgrimage. He had a desire to offer Lord Jagannath ‘Bhoga’ with his own hand. But the Temple authority prevented him do so. Broken-hearted Drubananda decided to fast until death. On the third day, he heard the Lord’s voice in his dream, “Drubananda, go back to Bengal. At the bank of Bhagirathi, you will find a place called Mahesh. There I shall send you a huge Daru-Brahma (Neem trunk). Make Balarama, Subhadra and my Idol with this trunk. I am eager to have ‘Bhoga’ in your hand.” So Drubanada returned to Mahesh and started his Sadhana. Then in a scary rainy night, that Daru-Brahma appeared at Mahesh. He jumped into the water and received it. Then he made the Idols OF the Holy Trinity and established a Temple.


Designs by Shristi Memeber / Machine embroidery leaf
« on: June 21, 2012, 05:11:09 PM »
Machine embroidery leaf

Stitches   Colors   Stops   Width   Height
10794     2            2            101.42   86.05

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Keep getting the files in the EMB format as they are Wilcom files and if you need to re-edit or change, then this file is a lot easier to do than trying to edit aother format file which ends up losing a lot of data when re-imported into Wilcom.

Thank you very much


Tips and Tricks / Re: Tips for Improving Your Website
« on: June 18, 2012, 12:11:47 AM »
5 Tips on Running a Website

Find ways to attract customers. Link up with a variety of search engines so when potential customers are searching for your product, they'll find your company listed.

Make it easy for people to "navigate" your site. Hire a good website designer.

Help customers trust you. Provide information on the company's history, mission, and values.

Enable customers to get in touch with you easily--via e-mail, phone and regular mail--and respond promptly.

Provide top customer service along with the speed and good prices technology offers. Think about how you'll keep customers coming back.

5 Tips for Taking Your Small Business Online

Your product line should be able to be delivered economically and conveniently through the mail or over the internet.

The web allows you to market to customers outside your geographical location. Your product should appeal to
people nation--or--continent-wide.

Compare new "technology" costs to current bricks and mortar costs, e.g: rent, labor, inventory and printing costs.

Realize that the internet levels the playing ground--you can look like a big company with a great website.

Draw visitors to your site cheaply. Establish and grow alliances that'll hotlink to your site for free.

Tips and Tricks / Tips for Improving Your Website
« on: June 18, 2012, 12:09:11 AM »
5 Tips for Improving Your Website

Visit the sites of other companies to find out what you like and dislike. Do some sites seem to "work" while others don't?

Decide what objectives you want your site to meet. Do you want it to be fun, funny, educational, "cool," or all of those things?

Consider your corporate culture and your company image. Your site should support both.

 Design or re-design the site to meet your objectives. Unless you have a real expert on staff, hire a consulting firm to do the job.

Get feedback. Ask customers how your site can be made more useful to them, and keep making improvements.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Website

Think strategically. Your website should be a part of your overall marketing plan.

Choose a ebsite address (URL) that's intuitive and easy to remember. Your company's name (if it's short) or the name of your main product might work well.

Put your web address on all your printed material, including business cards, letterhead, press releases and invoices. Include it in all your advertising.

 Don't forget offline media and traditional publicity techniques. Send news releases promoting your site to newspapers, broadcasters, and magazines.

Speak at conferences and trade shows, and write informative articles for trade publications. When you do, mention your web address.

Designs by Shristi Memeber / Nice Flower Jaal Designs
« on: June 17, 2012, 03:59:26 PM »
Nice Flower Jaal Designs

Stitches   Colors   Stops   Width   Height
106808       4                4         308.52   1105.86


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Tips and Tricks / Top tips for machine embroidery
« on: June 16, 2012, 11:42:05 AM »
#1: Patience is an Embroiderers Best Friend.

Things WILL go wrong. If you’re patient by nature, Embroidery is a great hobby for you. If you’re not, Embroidery is going to greatly help improve that area of your life. All you can do is learn from your mistakes, be more careful in the future and try again!

#2: Make Sure Your Fabric Matches Your Design.

A dense, high stitch count design on a lightweight fabric will completely ruin the fabric’s flow. Choose delicate designs when working with lightweight fabric. And when stitching a design on a towel or high-pile fabric, choose a dense design that won’t disappear into the pile. Last but not least, for stretch fabrics, don’t try anything too large. Remember, the fabric will stretch, but the Embroidery won’t.

#3. Understand When to Use What Types of Stabilizers.

There are many different Embroidery-backing choices today that will stabilize your fabric while sewing designs – both permanent ones and temporaries you remove once the design is done. While the best way to discover what stabilizers might be right for you is to try them yourself, here are some fabric/stabilizer pointers to get you started in the right direction.

I recommend using “Cutaway” on unstable fabrics (e.g. stretchy or knitted); using “Tearaway” on stable fabrics (e.g. woven); and using “Washaway” on freestanding lace or garments, or some really cool 3D stuff with organza – this is, if you want to get rid of the stabilizer altogether once the Embroidery has been completed. Again, like everything else, try some out and discover the possibilities for yourself.

#4: All Bobbin Fills Are Not Created Equal.

Every Embroidery machine works best with different bobbin fills. Ask your machine supplier for their recommendations, and don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the one that works best for you. Also, bobbin tension can loosen over time, so make sure you know how to adjust this. There is usually a little screw that you can turn on your bobbin case. Your machine manual should have instructions on this. And if not, your supplier should be able to show you.

#5: Thread Breaking is a Warning Sign.

If your thread breaks, there’s usually a reason. Either your tension is too tight, or it’s not properly threaded. Your machine manual may give you some troubleshooting ideas, but here are some of mine. Don’t just rethread the needle and hope for the best. Check that you’re threaded properly the entire way, and also check the tension. If your thread is dry, you can use a very small coating of silicone spray on the spool of thread. But, remember, a very small spray will do. I don’t recommend you do what I once did and spray it all over your machine, up the wall and on your curtains! Also, remember to change your needles. If you have been using them for a while, they can get blunt and bent. If in doubt, change them!

#6. How to Color Sort

My advice is quite simple. Don’t! At least, if you can avoid it. Every machine Embroiderer knows the pain it takes to keep changing the thread in your machine. That’s why, at Embroidery Allsorts, I keep that in mind with my designs. My goal is to have the least number of color changes necessary to create a great result. If you color sort a design, you may experience some very strange results. For instance, your outline may disappear, or you may experience unsightly pathing stitches across your design. So unless you have great Embroidery Digitizing

software, and really know what you’re doing, leave the design the way it is.

#7. Take a Test Drive on Your Design.

The greatest advice we can give you when you get a new design is to test-stitch it. Unless you are very confident in the digitizer and have used their designs before, test stitching is the best way for you to be confident that the Embroidery Design is exactly what you want and will work on the fabric you plan to use.

#8. Your Work is Only as Good as Your Machine.

A poorly maintained machine WILL produce poor results. That’s why it is very important that you know how to maintain your machine. Make sure you oil it regularly according to manufacturer instructions, and clean the bobbin race often. And right after you oil your bobbin race, wait for a bit before you start stitching, or you may end up with an oily design. If you, like me, have been silly enough to do this, here is how to fix it. Take two sheets of absorbent paper towel and fold them up a few times. Put one underneath and the other on top of your stitch out, and put something heavy on top. Leave it there for about a 1/2-hour, and the towel should soak up the oil.

#9 put your garment into the machine with care

Well of course you are going to put it in the right way up and make sure that you have no other part in the path of the needle! Why am I telling you this? because we all get into a bit of rush from time to time and mistakes happen, so be careful when you are putting you hoop in your machine that the Embroidery design is orientated the correct way for the item you are embroidering on and that all of the other parts are clear of the needle.

#10 Now it is your turn, let us know what your helpful hints are.


New Designs Arrival / Indian Hindu God Ganesh embroidery designs
« on: June 13, 2012, 01:59:45 PM »
Hello friends

Now the Indian God hindu Ganpati- Ganeshya is avaiable at Embroideryshristi at

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Designs by Shristi Memeber / Good morning Mug Designs
« on: June 13, 2012, 07:29:02 AM »
Hello friends

here is the Good morning Mug Designs

Stitches   Colors   Stops   Width   Height
8287       3           3             89.62   74.47

All 12 format available at the website

Keywords:Mug embroidery designs,good morning embroidery designs,coffee mug embroidery designs,indian embroidery designs.

Tips and Tricks / Split embroidery design vedio tuotrial-large hoops
« on: June 12, 2012, 10:31:25 PM »
The design I wanted to stitch was too large for my largest embroidery hoop. This video shows how I split the design in two and realigned it during the stitching process so that the two parts would exactly align.

[embed=425,349]<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/embed]

New Designs Arrival / Creative dot alpha full set freebies
« on: June 11, 2012, 07:15:40 PM »
Again another creative dot  full alphabets set freebies at embroideryshristi.

Keywords:Creative dot Embroideryshristi Alpha Designs freebie set,Number embroidery designs, Disney embroidery designs, Alphabets Embroidery designs, jeans embroidery designs, small embroidery designs, free embroidery designs, embroidery patterns

Announcement Page / {solved}Our Alphabets Set Note
« on: June 11, 2012, 01:27:22 PM »

Our Alphabets Set Note:

Please take care the size of the designs may be a slight varies from alpha to alpha to suits it looks. We had provided a size range ( in mm) in the data sheet.please check the data sheet because the all alpha lies in that range only.

All the size of alphabets are standard but there may be a very small difference in the size so it is better to see the data sheet before purchase.

Designs by Shristi Memeber / Freebie by Embroideryshristi
« on: June 11, 2012, 10:18:21 AM »
Hello,here is a
Free Embroidery designs  by Embroideryshristi.

Height:4.02 in
Width:3.70 in
co lour:2

have a nice day

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